Cultivating healthy teams, enhancing leadership and mental health awareness

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Crisis intervention

When people come together, they bring their own baggage and don’t drop it at the company door. This can cause challenges within teams that pose a threat to their work performance. That’s why it’s important to nurture a healthy environment.

Leadership trainings

We’re not born leaders, but we become them through learning from past experiences. It is important to lead with curiosity in order to be empathetic and create a work environment in which everyone can unveil their full potential.

Mental health awareness

If a plant isn’t watered, it won’t grow. It is pivotal for supporting the mental health of employees by identifying potential stressors and areas for improvement in the workplace environment.

Don’t underestimate
mental health

of individuals in western countries will meet the criteria for a psychiatric disorder at least once in their lives.

17.8 million Germans annually meet the criteria for a mental disorder.

absent days per person per year on average due to mental health issues in Germany.

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Leadership Development

Coachings and trainings that target the development of leadership skills. Therefore supporting executives and managers in enhancing their professional relationships.

Stress management workshops

Workshops to teach stress reduction techniques, coping mechanisms, and mindfulness practices for employees.

Conflict resolution training

Training sessions on conflict resolution, communication skills and fostering a positive workplace culture.

Workplace mental health

Assessments of workplace environments to identify potential stressors and areas for improvements in mental health support.

Virtual counseling service

Provide virtual counseling services for employees, offering flexibility and accessibility in seeking mental health support.

Goals for our collaboration

Healthy employees

Work-life balance done right. Sustainability is key when it comes to mental health.

Get more work done

Less sick days because of mental health issues. Focus on the relevant tasks.

Employee retention

Become attractive for the next generation of motivated employees.

My professional journey in psychotherapy has been diverse, encompassing various clinical settings. Notably, I gained valuable experience at the private clinic Jägerwinkel am Tegernsee, specializing in psychosomatic medicine, and contributed to the psychiatry department of Klinikum Rechts der Isar. I have also been affiliated with the private practice of Prof. Dr. Dr. Zaudig and provided acute short-term-therapy in an ambulatory health care center (PTGZ am Goetheplatz).

As of 2021, I have established my private practice, where I am dedicated to offer you comprehensive psychotherapy. Also, I am currently serving as a lecturer at the VFKV, have a Podcast and offer different consultation services to companies.

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